Plumber Technology You Should Consider For Your Home | Boulder, CO

Plumber Technology You Should Consider For Your Home | Boulder, CO

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Knowing what plumbing innovations are available can help you improve your home. New technologies usually provide more conveniences, and they can save more water compared to regular plumbing. Below are a few plumbing technologies that you can add to your home. Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain in Boulder, CO, if you want more information or when ready to install these innovations.

Leak Detectors

Leak detectors can solve two problems homeowners face when water leaks. It can prevent structural damage caused by water leaking in the pipes, and it can also avoid costly repairs or replacement costs by leaking pipes.

These devices do more than just detect water in your homes; they can also detect abnormal behavior in your plumbing. When there is a leak, it can cut off the water supply to prevent damages. It comes in handy, especially when you are not at home. You can program most detection systems and can customize them based on your water usage patterns. Since this is a smart device, you can also connect it to your smartphone via an app. Once connected, you can monitor your water usage in real-time. It gives you an insight into your water consumption – a feature that can help you save more on your utility bills. Contact the plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain if you want to protect your home from unwanted leaks in the pipes.

Tankless Water Heaters

Unlike conventional water heaters, you get an endless supply of hot water with tankless heaters. It’s a more energy-saving option as it only heats water on demand. This type of plumbing device is also compact – you can fit it in your bathroom wall. With the conventional heater, you will need a bigger space to store your tank. You’ll need insulation for a traditional heater, so the water stays hot longer. There is no need for that with a tankless water heater.

Contact a plumber if you’re looking into investing in energy-saving plumbing appliances or fixtures for your home. It may seem a bit costly to set up and install a tankless water heater initially, but it’s cost-effective in the long run. Tankless water heaters also last twice as long as a conventional heater. There is little maintenance required for tankless water heaters.

The only downside is you won’t be able to use it when there is a power outage. But considering all the benefits you get, tankless water heaters outweigh the conventional ones. Ensure that you work only with a licensed plumber to help you with the installation of your tankless water heater.

Touchless Faucets

When using a touchless faucet, a sensor will detect your hand when you place it under a faucet, and then water comes out. They are often used more in the kitchen than in the bathroom. Today, most businesses, not just homeowners, are considering touchless faucets in their work location, especially those concerned with hygiene and cleanliness.

Touchless faucets can effectively minimize the spread of germs and other common bacteria found in bathrooms. Hands-free faucets are also environmentally friendly because it automatically turns off, helping to waste less water. Compared to regular faucets, it uses significantly less water.

Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, your trusted plumber in Boulder, CO, if you want more convenience in your homes and want to stay safer. If you own a business property, make sure that you work only with a licensed professional in your area to ensure the correct installation of these fixtures. We would recommend you consider installing these in your homes and office to greatly reduce the spread of any germs or bacteria commonly found in bathrooms or restrooms.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets offer several conveniences to homeowners. Compared to regular toilets, they also use less water, so it can therefore help you save more on your utility bills. It comes with different features, including automatic flushing, massaging bidet wash, foot warmer, automatic flush, self-cleaning features, built-in sensors, a nightlight, Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities, etc. Talk to a professional if you want to know your options for installing smart toilets in your homes.

Some of them may provide you with more luxury that’s not present in regular toilets. The features would depend on what your needs are. Talk to a plumber so he can give you a better solution.

If you want a simpler version, consider installing a touchless toilet in your homes. There is no need to touch anything with your hands when flushing – another good option for minimizing the spread of germs. Contact the plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Denver, CO, to get one installed today!

Smart Irrigation

If you want to water your plants, you only need to use your mobile phone for it. This is what a Smart Irrigation system does—controlled by a digital device that can turn on the sprinklers and turn them off after use. It’s very convenient, and you get to also save more water for it. Consider installing this in your home if you want a more environment-friendly option. Contact a professional for the installation of this system.

Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Denver, CO

Talk to us if you’re thinking about installing one of these technologies or any other plumbing-related repairs or installations. Our licensed plumbers have worked with several homeowners in Boulder, CO, effectively helping them solve their plumbing problems. We take pride in our commitment to providing only the best service in the area. Get in touch with us today for an appointment.

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