Plumbing Repair: Preventing Condensation On Air Conditioning Ducts | Boulder, CO

Plumbing Repair: Preventing Condensation On Air Conditioning Ducts | Boulder, CO

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With summer fast approaching, you’ll want to ensure that your air conditioning system remains in good working order. One of the problems with hotter weather is that your HVAC system will be prone to developing condensation. In the long term, condensation can cause problems with your air conditioning.

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Condensation is a very common problem associated with air conditioner ducts. This is most likely to be a problem if you live in a climate that’s hot and humid during the summer months. It’s a good idea to have your HVAC system serviced and repaired regularly. Condensation can cause various problems with your AC system.

If you’ve ever noticed drops of water collected on the outside of your air conditioner’s ducts or vent openings, it’s likely your system has condensation issues. You may also end up with water pools on the floor. If you’ve noticed these issues, read on, we’ll tell you when to call in the help of a plumbing repair company.

What causes condensation of your air conditioning system?

The main reason that condensation will occur in your air conditioner’s ducts is due to changes in temperature. If there is a temperature difference between the air outside and the air that’s in the air conditioning vent, condensation will occur. This is most likely to happen during the summer months when the HVAC system is in use.

Other reasons that condensation may appear on your air conditioning ducts include lack of insulation or ducts that haven’t been sealed correctly during installation.

Condensation in the ductwork may also be aggravated if there is too much moisture in the air due to a humid climate. It can also be a result of dirty air filters or clogged ducts. It’s, therefore, a good idea to regularly change your air filters and clean your AC unit. You can also ask a plumbing repair company to check that your HVAC system is in good working order annually. It’s best to carry out any maintenance in the spring before the weather gets too hot and you need to use your air conditioning.

What causes water to drip from ductwork?

Condensate drain problems will result in water dripping from your air conditioner’s ductwork. Your AC unit has a condensate drain system that will collect moisture removed from the air. This water will then be disposed of into a drain. However, a common problem with AC systems that suffer from condensation is water leakage.

If you’ve found that there are small pools of water on the floor under your air conditioning system, it may be because your AC’s drip tray is leaking. The condensate tube may also be clogged with dirt and debris or even algae or minerals. If this is the case, you’ll need to have your system cleaned by a professional.

Another common reason for leaking is that the evaporator coil, which is programmed to freeze during sweltering days, has started to thaw out.

Does too much insulation result in condensation?

Sometimes too much insulation can result in condensation. Insulation will help warm the inside of your home, and warm air usually contains more moisture, making your home humid.

Temperature changes will likely make your home or building cooler during the evenings. This makes the air inside your property cool down, which will also release moisture and will mean that your AC unit is more likely to suffer from condensation.

Prevent condensation by wrapping ductwork

Many homeowners ask a plumbing repair company to wrap their air conditioning ductwork to prevent condensation. Duct wrap is made using an inner foam layer for insulation and an outer layer made from foil. This insulation can be wrapped around your air conditioner’s ducts. Duct tape is used to fasten the wrap and keep it in place near the joints.

Tips to prevent condensation on your air ducts

There are many things you can do to stop condensation from forming on your air ducts. If you are unsure how to prevent the problem or have any questions about your Air conditioning, you can also call on the help of a plumbing repair company.

One of the best ways to reduce condensation is to reduce the humidity levels in your home. You may like to invest in a dehumidifier which you can place near the air ducts to help reduce condensation.

You should also be aware that your air conditioning system requires regular cleaning to keep it working effectively. It’s a good idea to regularly unblock any ducts that seem to have a restricting airflow. You should also clean your air filters regularly and change them at least every three months.

Aim to repair leaking ducts as soon as possible. If left unchecked, leaking ducts can worsen and cause your AC severe issues. You don’t want to end up with no air conditioning during the hottest summer months, so it’s a good idea to have your system checked in the spring.

Rather than using metal for your ductwork, use fiberglass or another insulating material. If you already have metal ducts, you should ensure that they are wrapped using fiberglass insulation.

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