When to Call an Emergency Plumber for Help | Brighton, CO

When to Call an Emergency Plumber for Help | Brighton, CO

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When you need an emergency plumber in Brighton, CO, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Denver, CO is your first call. Our team of licensed and insured technicians is available to help you immediately. Don’t put off getting help when there’s a risk to you, your family, or your home. Our team is available to answer questions 24-hours a day.

Not every plumbing problem requires an emergency plumber. Sometimes, you can schedule an appointment with our team the next day or even later in the week to have the concern taken care of quickly and often affordably. However, there are some situations where the problem cannot – or should not – wait. In these cases, you need to hire a pro to come to your home or business for immediate help. Our team can do that for you in Brighton, CO, and the surrounding area. There are a few times when an emergency plumber is best.

Burst Pipe or a Significant Leak

If you have water spraying through your home or a leak that is causing water to drip from your basement ceiling, it is time to call for emergency help. Our team will instruct you, if possible, on how to turn off the water. This can be done over the phone in most cases. Stopping the water flow is the first goal in these situations.

The secondary goal is to fix the problem and dry out the space. An emergency plumber will be able to help you with this. It may require replacing a length of pipe or fixing a leak. The key here is not to allow the water to turn on again until the problem is professionally repaired. Our team will help you determine how to handle any water concerns present as well. Don’t wade through water or try to cover a leak without first speaking to your plumber.

Backup or Flooding in Your Home

One of the biggest risks to your home is flooding. When water backs up into the home – whether it is rainwater or a sewer line – that water is problematic. It takes just 18 hours of exposure in the right combinations to allow mold to begin to grow. It will grow under flooring, behind drywall, and under carpeting. The sooner we can dry out that space and properly clean it, the better.

Our emergency plumber offers the first line of help. While we do not do the cleanup, we will stop the water from flowing back into your home. This may be due to a broken line or a clogged sewer drain. In some situations, it occurs after storms or significant rainfall. In these situations, the problem may be related to a non-working sump pump or drainage system. Our goal is to help determine the underlying problem to ensure it is properly fixed quickly, so the problem does not happen again.

Significant Toilet Backups

If you have just one toilet and it stops working properly, it’s best to call for immediate help. There are some situations that are easier to fix than others. However, you do not want to try to attempt these repairs on your own. Rather, let our emergency plumber determine what the actual problem is so we can offer a viable solution.

For example, do not pour any type of drain cleaning product down the drain. Don’t try to snake the toilet or keep plunging it. This may not fix the actual problem and cause lead to more significant problems later. Instead, let our team come to you to determine the problem. We can tell you, often, over the phone if a toilet-related problem is an emergency or not. If so, our team can be there right away to help you.

No Hot Water

Hot water is critical to your home’s overall sanitation. You cannot wash the dishes, take showers, or even wash your hands without hot water. While you may not need to get emergency service in the middle of the night for a problem like this, we do recommend getting your hot water heater repaired within 24 hours.

The problems can be many with a hot water heater. In some cases, they may be related to a simple fix like the heating element needing to be replaced. Other times, the problem relates to the functionality of the tank. If your tank is leaking, for example, do not put off this repair. It is very important for our team to ensure the hot water heater isn’t going to cause damage to the rest of your home through a flood. Let our emergency plumber in Brighton, CO make the repairs instead.

Frozen Pipes

There are times when the weather gets very cold, and the pipes freeze. This happens because of the proximity of the water lines to the exterior cold temperatures. If you know it is going to be cold, especially overnight when no one will be using the hot water, it’s a good idea to increase the home’s temperature in those areas to help avoid frozen lines.

If it happens, don’t try to fix it on your own and do not wait to give us a call. These lines can burst with too much pressure, causing a flood from your hot water tank throughout your home. Instead, let our team come in and properly find the problem area and remedy it. This process does not take long to fix, but it can be critical to ensure your water lines are operational quickly.

Sometimes you may not be sure you need an emergency plumber or not. That’s okay. Give our team a call and let us answer any questions we can for you. From there, we can make recommendations for repairs, whether they need to be done the same day or in a few days.

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